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Written by Shem on February 28, 2011

Not every child has the privilege of receiving pocket money every week from their parents and even if you do have this luxury it often isn’t enough to reach your ultimate target. Kids may want to save for a new game console, the latest phone or for those skinny jeans the parental unit refuse to buy! Either way, earning your own cash as a child is a great way to understand the true value of money, and there is a satisfying feeling when can spend your hard earned pennies on whatever you want. Your money, your rules! To help nudge you youths in the right direction I have compiled a money making list for you to check out and apply to your own situation with realistic gains. Tuck in!

Sell Stuff!
Probably the easiest way to turn random objects or edible goodies into money money money! You can invest a little time into sorting through unwanted items or old toys and sell this at jumble sales or car boot sales. You can even host your own sale in your garden inviting members of the public and curious neighbours to buy all your goods. This idea can be used time and time again with more traditional products such as home-made cupcakes or perhaps selling lemonade. However you can perhaps help cook speciality food and sell this at local events. For example, The Notting Hill Carnival is hosted every year in London and you can always be part of a team bringing authentic West Indian food to the masses!

The internet seems to be our main resource these days so tap into selling things online. Setting up an Amazon or eBay account will need an adult to do so, but selling through these two major market places will soon show you the money!

Blogging is huge! The art of online writing about everything and nothing for everyone to read and contribute to is a novel idea. You get to show off your work as well as earning a few pounds. Kids may need a grown up to set a site up through popular channels like WordPress or Blogger, but you can use advertising to generate money. If you have a passion for writing on a subject of your choice and would like to spread the word, then blogging is a fab idea to satisfy your interests and your money box!

Making Crafts
For all you creative kids out there, making your own gifts is a sterling idea to get some extra cash. Whether you’re into jewellery making, candle making or producing exquisite photos, you can sell your work to friends, family and promote this through your school or your parent’s work place perhaps. If you have the talent to produce pieces worthy of selling, then what are you waiting for??!

This money making scheme is as old as they come and the most effective way to save for the item of your desire! If you’re looking after your younger sibling or a family friends child, be aware of the legal age requirement of staying home alone in your area as this varies.

Household Chores
No this isn’t child labour or slavery… it’s just another money making incentive! Maybe you can run errands for family members or help your parents tidy the house. If they assume this should be done out of the goodness of your heart, then remind Mum and Dad that we’re trying to scrape our way out of a recession and VAT has risen! This should keep them quiet for a while as they hand over money donations!

Car Wash
Washing your parents or next door neighbour’s car is all good and well, but why stop there?! You can turn this easy chore into a small business advertising your services in your local area, through your school or simply set yourself up for a day with a banner, bucket and sponge on the side of a road! Just make sure the parental unit know where you are at all times before you go disappearing.

Host an Event
A talent show perhaps? A cinema screening or a concert of sorts with you and your friends? The key with this idea is that you have to use your imagination. Be different and be bold. Holding an event and charging for tickets can do wonders for your piggy bank! It can also launch you into a new career in events organising if you enjoy it enough!

Toy Rentals
You may have a whole heap of toys and games you rarely use, or maybe you use a lot but are willing to share. Why not rent out some of your toys to other kids at a price per hour or per day. That way others get to play with items they don’t have and you not only look like a caring sharing kid, but you get to rake in a the cash! Winner!

Help the Elderly
If you live in an area with older neighbours who are unable to do certain things for themselves, then you can offer a helping hand. Whether this is helping with shopping, taking their pet for a walk or simply keeping them company after school. Every little helps… and this help can be converted into pennies! Just be super careful you know the neighbour or elderly person and that an adult can give consent to this before you go ahead knocking on your neighbours front door.

You may see yourself as a fountain of knowledge or possess a skill which can be taught to another younger person. ‘Pimping out’ your skills is a great way to pass on knowledge as you can charge a fee for your services. This could be reading, helping with homework or teaching someone how to reach level 28 on the latest game console!

Now you have the inspiration it’s up to you to make it work. Be imaginative, be different and wave your money making magic in creating something from nothing!

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    Robert tafolla
    February 28th, 2011

    We are having a family meeting tonight I will make some changes after reading this site. thanks

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