14 Apr

Written by Kayleigh on April 14, 2017

I’m afraid bargains for me this week have been a bit hard to find due to the norovirus that swept through our house. Both my boys had it the beginning of the week and then passed to me and then to my husband. I’ve never known illness like it but thankfully we are all on the mend again.

Although I haven’t been able to go outside to hunt some bargains down, I’ve still been seeing what’s out there and this week is discovered the app Sphock. Sphock is a boot sale app and from what I can tell it’s similar to Gumtree with a few more extras. Ive used Gumtree for years, not only to buy but also sell and normally its quite successful. But lately I’ve noticed a bit of a decline in the amount of views you get on an advert and I wondered if that’s because of newer selling places out there. I saw an advert for Sphock and was intrigued so I downloaded it. The sign up is very simple and the number of items for sale surprised me in my area.

The one thing I do like is that you don’t have to put a phone number or an address on it unless you want to. This is different to Gumtree as you have to put your number on that so people can contact you. All correspondence on Sphock is done through an “Ask a question” button on the advert and personal info is only given out if both parties think it’s needed. You are also able to make an offer on an item through the “Make an offer” button which I think is very handy.

After a bit of searching I found myself some great bargains. I found a beech changing table with shelving and storage in great condition for just £10 and only 5 minutes down the road. I do have one but it’s been used for both my boys and it is just a basic top with a big shelf and no storage. So, this one looked perfect. I then also came across a lady that had a lot of baby boy clothes either never worn or only slightly worn. After inquiring if she had any other items for sale, a friendly conversation started and it seems she has a lot of stuff in various sizes. So we have arranged for me to pop round and have a look and she will do me a deal on a bulk buy. So, a simple message asking if they had anything else has turned out to be a great find and again she’s only 5 mins down the road.

I love this app and it seems you really can find anything you are looking for. I also gave the selling part a go and advertised a Thomas the Tank engine toddler bed I have that my boys no longer need as they are getting bunk beds. Even that was straightforward to place an ad. You can set it to notify you if a message or offer is received so you won’t miss anything and it also emails you if you have any correspondence. I’m sure I’ll find some more great bargains on it and I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

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