30 May

Written by Kayleigh on May 30, 2017

We all know that dining out comes at a high price. It’s a nice thing to do with the family on occasion, but if you are on a budget sometimes the cost of just one family meal out could be the same as your week’s food shop. So, for some, it’s just not something they can do. But there are tips and tricks out there that you can use to help save the money and still enjoy a lovely family meal.

Places like Harvester which own a lot of pubs and restaurants will quite often do a voucher for £1 kids meals. This usually entails that for a full paying adult meal you can get a children’s meal for just £1. This is perfect for taking the kids out to eat and being kind on the pocket. Make sure you follow some money saving pages, as when these vouchers are available they will be posted on these types of sites.

If you have O2 then you can download the Priority moments app. This is great for discounts and free items, but they also have codes for money off dining out. One example of this is for Pizza Express. With the code, (which is available for 2 hours) you can get one main course for just £5. If there’s a few of you on O2, then you could each use a code and save yourself lots of money.

Currently on the app are:

£5 main course at Pizza Express

£10 for 2 fully loaded burgers at Harvester

Free glass of prosecco and olives for 2 when you dine at Zizzi

50% off all main course at Zizzi

Free pistachio and salted caramel pudding with any main meal at Zizzi

£10 off a £30 spends at Dominos

20% off food and drink at Ask Italian

50% off mains at Ask Italian

All these are currently available to use on the O2 priority app. You do need to be an O2 customer to gain access though, but for those that already are it’s a great app.

There’s also a card from The Gourmet Society which allows you to get discounts and offers from restaurants and cinema tickets. It’s a monthly subscription service which usually costs around £39.99, but you have unlimited access to offers and you can use the card as much as you like. So, if you regularly dine out then the initial pay out for the subscription will soon be well worth the risk. I have seen that they sometimes allow you to sign up for a month’s free trial so you can give it a go and see if you would get the use out of it first. As with all subscriptions they are a commitment, so before you sign up to the £39.99 a month be sure you are going to get your money’s worth, otherwise it will end up costing you more overall. But for regular dining out, then it’s worth it.

There’s are also plenty of other ways to save money on eating out, even if it’s as simple as checking your local restaurant’s for offers. If there’s a way to save money then why not try it out.

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