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Written by Kayleigh on August 1, 2017

What exactly are the best shops to bag a bargain? With so many of them out there, who has the time to visit them all on the off chance you may find a good deal?

Places such as Home Bargains, B&M bargains, Poundworld and Poundland are always worth a walk around, as 9 times out of 10 you will find some great deals. And if there’s sales going on, you can also pick up some great finds. B&M recently had a bit of a crazy sale of some sorts, it wasn’t advertised, but word soon got around. It appeared they were having a warehouse clear out of old stock and anything with an old code on it was reduced to either £1 or 10p. It wasn’t quite as simple as it sounded though, as a lot of the staff had no clue which items were involved and for a while it seemed to be pot luck at the till whether it scanned cheaper. But, as time went on people started sharing the codes of items they had found cheap and more and more people were bagging some great bargains. Things like curtains priced at £39.99 were scanning for just £1. It was very store specific though, and there was no real guarantee of getting anything. But for some people the work paid off and there were some great finds.

You also can’t forget your local charity shops. They aren’t for everyone and you either love them or hate them (I suppose a lot like marmite). But for me, I love them. Over the years, I’ve found so many great bargains at crazy prices, such as a pair of boots worth £250 I paid just £6 for. I find them great for kid’s clothes and after abit of digging I generally will find a great bargain of some kind.

As for stores that you wouldn’t normally associate with finding bargains, it’s worth joining a bargain hunting group such as the one running currently by Holly Smith. Members share deals and codes and all manner of bargains they have found, and this allows others to potentially find great deals that they wouldn’t normally have come across. For example, Tesco have had a bit of a toy sale going on. A lot of the toys included were not priced on the shelves as reduced but were scanning for a lot cheaper, such as Paw Patrol plushies marked at £9.95 but scanning at just £2.25. These have been found in loads of different Tesco’s around the country. They have also been yellow stickering a lot of toy lines at crazy reduced prices, which again although store specific have been found in various Tesco stores. Without groups like these to share deals and finds, then bargains can become limited as you just simply have no idea where to look.

Don’t be put off with the odd wild goose chase trying to bag a great deal that someone else has gotten. In my experience, it happens a lot and can get frustrating. But just because you don’t find that deal doesn’t mean you won’t find the next. That’s what it’s about and before long your stockpile will bursting at the seams.

Here’s an example of what I thought would be a wild goose chase but turned out not to be. Having seen people posting about imperial leather items selling for 50p in Wilkinson’s, and after running out of hand soap on my stockpile, I thought it was worth a look. As my town is poor for shops I wasn’t holding out much hope, but off we went. And what do you know what, not only did I find 6 bottles of hand soap for 50p, but I also bagged shower gel and bubble bath all for 50p an item. So, it’s not always a waste of time like some people would have believe.

The trick is to regularly check stores, such as the bargains stores. Also, regularly check places like Boots, Superdrug, and Wilkinson’s, as they all have reduced to clear shelves that can either prove golden or poor. But either way it’s worth a regular check. For everything else, I suggest joining a bargain hunting group and keeping up to date with any deals that suit you, that you may be able to find.

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