12 Jan

Written by Kathryn Vercillo on January 12, 2009

The new year has begun with a lot of hope for change in 2009 as well as a lot of financial resolutions. However, the economy is still in a shaky state and we’re all still concerned about finding ways to save money. Many are turning to the elderly generation for tips they learned during The Great Depression. The key here seems to be doing the little things (like making a frugal mocha) rather than engaging in extreme money-saving.

Of course, there are definitely some creative things that we can do to save money in unusual ways (like enjoying half-price dining or looking for birthday freebies). These things can make saving money in the new year a fun experience rather than another stressor in our lives.

If things do stay bad and we find ourselves dealing with loans and debt, our focus should shift away from things like debt reduction programs and towards things like lending clubs. The goal here is to plan for the future.

If all of this talk about the economy has you wishing that you could just retire to a cheap warm location then you might want to consider jumpstarting your retirement plan.

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