26 Sep

Written by Kayleigh on September 26, 2017

There’s lots of ways that you can make extra money to go along with your money saving adventures.

One of the best ways is reselling. This involves buying an item and then selling it for profit. You do need a bit of money to start with to buy stock but it doesn’t have to be a lot, just what you can afford.

Some of the best places to pick up items to resell are car-boot sales and local selling sites. Buying at these types of places will usually result in low buying costs therefore maximising the profit on your end.

Keep a look out for new and sealed items, as well as designer labels and electronics. If you are buying electronics make sure they are fully working.

Finding the right item to resell is really important. Don’t waste your money on things that may be difficult – some can take an age to sell and you could be stuck with them.

Do some research on what sort of things people are looking for and buying and those are the things you need to be picking up.

Always allow postage costs in with your overall budget as well and keep that in mind when pricing items.

Online surveys are a good way of making a few extra pennies however they can be time consuming and can take a while to build up any cash. Research the best ones to join as some really aren’t worth it but the good ones can be real earners.

Another way I’ve seen a lot of people make some extra cash is Matched Betting. It’s not something I do as I just simply can’t get my head around it but it involves using the free bets you get when signing up and betting on certain things to ensure you get your money back.

Weighing in old clothes and shoes is a great way of getting a little bit of cash straight away it’s usually not a lot around £5 per 10kg but it’s better than it sitting around getting all crinkled in your wardrobe.

As you can see there’s many ways to make extra money online. The thing to remember though, especially if you are reselling, is to declare all earning even the extra little ones.

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