29 Sep

Written by Kayleigh on September 29, 2017

This week was the start of the Argos 3 for 2 deal, and people have been going mad for it. It’s usually only on for a few days, but it doesn’t take long for the stock to fly out. If you don’t get in there fast and know what you want you could find yourself out of luck, but is it as good a deal as it seems, and is it worth holding out on the items you want until the offer is on?

Honestly, no, I don’t think it is, and the reason for this is the mass amount of posts I’ve seen from angry shoppers. Customers seem to have had items in their watch lists sat waiting for the deal to start, only to discover that as soon as midnight struck and the offer began prices the suddenly shot up. This meant that the savings you could’ve made from buying the item when it was on sale were now the better offer, and the 3 for 2 was actually going to cost you more.

The reason for this, and despite what a lot of people have been saying it’s not because Argos are greedy, is simply because they don’t have two offers running on any one item. For example, if there was a 25% off deal for an item, this will no longer apply as a new offer has started. So it’s not Argos bumping the prices, it’s just the offer reverting back to their original value. Don’t get carried away with the 3 for 2, work out first whether you are getting the deal you think, and if not then wait a little longer until it’s over and see what offer is on next. Who knows it may just be a better one.

I noticed recently my eyesight was rather blurry when looking at a distance but was fine up close, so I decided it was about time I had an eye test. I was looking at paying around £25, but as I was browsing on the Boots app to my surprise there was an offer for a free test. Naturally I rushed to my nearest store and booked my appointment, showing them the offer. Around came my appointment and low and behold I need glasses for distance, from a price point I was looking at around £80 but I knew I could find cheaper. I stumbled across Glasses Direct who had a new customer offer of £30 off, so I signed up and got my code.

I was a bit sceptical about ordering them online without seeing the glasses in person, but the whole process was very smooth and easy. I had a print out of my prescription from Boots, so I simply entered the information from that, and was then asked to send a picture of the prescription so that there were no mistakes. You then choose your frames and await their delivery. They send you regular updates so you know what’s happening and the delivery price of just £3.95 is very reasonable. I chose a pair of frames for £49 and then got a second pair for free. I was able to use my £30 off code, so in the end I paid just £19 for 2 pairs of glasses plus delivery. They arrived yesterday and I’m very impressed, but most importantly I can now read the menu board of KFC.

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