02 Nov

Written by Kayleigh on November 2, 2017

With Halloween just gone, that can only mean that Christmas is not far behind it.

A lot of us like to decorate the house and go all out for seasonal occasions but this can be pricey. Those big animated Halloween decorations at £90 a time and those fancy Christmas trees that can set you back over £100 – for some that is just way out of budget.

But there is a way you can have all the decorations you want and still stick within a budget. All it takes is a bit of forward planning but once you get into the swing of it you will wonder why you didn’t do it before.

The trick is to buy for the following year. Inevitably shops will have over stock of items left over from Halloween and although some will go into their warehouses to be brought out next year a lot of it will be greatly reduced to get rid of it. So now is the perfect time to buy everything you want.

Reductions can be anywhere from 25% to 90% depending on the shop and the time. Start looking the day after and then keep your eye out for the next couple of weeks. Before you know it, you will be all set for next year’s Halloween and you may still have some money left in your pocket.

The same rule applies to Christmas. Buying just after Christmas is the perfect time. Wrapping paper will be greatly reduced. I remember last year The Card Factory was selling 6 rolls for just £1 , so a great time to stock up.

You will find everything from Christmas trees and decorations to presents all greatly reduced. Boots are famous for their 50% off sale on their leftover Christmas stock. If you’re happy to hold on, then that reduction can reach 75% off.

You may be thinking why on earth would I want to do next year’s Christmas shopping a few days after this year’s Christmas? But just think about it – you can get organised, get all the gifts you have to buy and all the decorations you could want for a fraction of the cost.

By January Christmas is all done and dusted and there’s none of that last-minute panic buying on Christmas Eve because you have forgotten someone.

It’s also a great time to pick up birthday presents for the year and even gift bags. Why not get organised for the whole year, after all, all you need to do is wait for the sales to start.

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