19 Mar

Written by Kayleigh on March 19, 2018

Car boot season is open, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I LOVE car boots with a capital L. There are no end to the deals and bargains that can be found. Whether it’s rummaging through boxes or spotting that item you have been after for ages but didn’t want to pay the price tag, there really is something for everyone.

Most of the time I’ll take my boys and my mum just for some fresh air and a wander. We aren’t always on the lookout for bargains but that’s usually when you find all sorts of items.

There are two local car boot sales close to me but unfortunately the main one seems to have taken a dive. I think the problem is it’s on a field and if it’s been wet and the ground in saturated, then you’re looking at muddy feet all round.

The other one is on a car park and because of this it has become more and more popular so that’s my first tip: Judge the weather and pick the best car boot for you.

My second tip for bagging a deal is to haggle. People may have set their prices, but it really comes down to whether they want to take it all home or not because they wouldn’t budge on prices. Don’t go in to low as you don’t want to cause offence from the start but be realistic on what you want to pay and if it’s to high then move on. There will be another opportunity.

That leads me onto my third tip: setting a budget. This is important as if it’s a particularly good car boot it can be so easy to overspend without even realising it. My mum and I will each take £20 and then we will combine our money and see what we can find. If we don’t spend it then we keep it for the following week.

And my final tip, as well as setting a budget, always have an idea of what you are looking for and don’t stray too far from it.
Always remember it isn’t really a bargain if you didn’t need it in the first place.

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