01 May

Written by Kayleigh on May 1, 2018

A few weeks ago I started my journey into the world of reselling, luckily for me I had enough stuff from around the house after doing a mass clear-out that I didn’t need to go and source any stock.

It started well. Within a few days I had £100 in my pocket and a bit more space in my airing cupboard.

This little bit of success really motivated me to do more so I moved from just selling locally on Shpock to include eBay as well and that unfortunately for me was my downfall.

For a lot of resellers eBay is their go to place and they are very successful at managing it but for me it was a complete nightmare.

As I was a new seller I was limited to 10 listings at any one time so straight away that would limit my sales, but I stuck with it and got listing.

One of the first problems I encountered was buyers not leaving feedback. This then has a knock-on effect to the number of listings I could have.

The second and final straw for my eBay journey was being scammed out of some trainers. They were listed for £15 plus postage and as they were brand new they were worth it.

The same person offered me a different amount 3 times before I finally accepted the first being just £6 (obviously a no) but I gave in at £12 and sent them off.

Once they had arrived I received a message stating the absolutely disgusting state they were in and as I have the pictures and they were new, I know that wasn’t the case but either way I offered a refund and sent them extra to cover the postage to send them back to me.

And guess what, the refund was sent but I never receive any trainers back my end.

I could have opened a whole eBay case but I wrote it off and chalked it up to my own stupidity. I removed the remaining eBay listings and have returned to Shpock which for me works well.

Although that’s not without its pitfalls. A few people will ask for you to post an item which as long as they pay via PayPal and you package the item well I haven’t encountered an issue so far.

I did have a strange response to an item I offered for free though as I haven’t got the room to store it. Upon asking the gentleman when he could collect I was told he was passing the A1 later that night and as he couldn’t unfollow his route could I meet him along the A1.

Now I’m sure I’ve seen that as an episode of Criminal Minds so I politely declined his offer and relisted the item. I’m sure it was perfectly harmless but you can take that chance.

So for now I’m sticking to Shpock where I have a bit more control and now the car boot season has started again I’ll be doing a few of those as well.

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