10 May

Written by Kayleigh on May 10, 2018

The sun’s out and everyone is enjoying the warm weather. All around the country BBQs are being wheeled out of the garage and dusted off and paddling pools are being inflated.

But, it can be easy to overspend in the sun both at home and if you are out. Carefully created meal plans can go out the window as you just don’t fancy making anything hot so that nip to the shop for something else can prove costly.

Fight it and stick to the meal plan your budget will thank you.

But it’s not just your meal plan that could go out of the window. All your careful budgeting could follow if you head to the shops and buy things to keep you cool.

Here are my tips on keeping those hot weather costs down:

1. Make your own ice lollies using fruit and squash. You can find lolly moulds for as little as £1 and the kids will love them.

2. If you need to buy something for the garden then don’t impulse buy and make sure you look for the best deal. Argos has some great deals on paddling pools and inflatable water toys. You can pick up an inflatable slide and activity set for as little as £19.99 at the moment.

3. If you’re looking for something a little more grown-up, then B&Q have an offer for you to grab yourself a Laz-e Spa inflatable hot tub for £250. That may still sound like a lot but these normally retail for £400+ so at just £250 it’s a great bargain.

4. There are lots of things you can buy for kids for some shade such as tents, teepees, table and umbrellas but if that’s out of your budget then there’s nothing wrong with two dining chairs and a king size duvet cover. This creates shade and the kids will love it.

5. Simple walks like feeding the ducks can save money on days out and you may find you have a better time. Take a picnic and make a day of it, stay away from theme parks and things like that as on hot days the ice creams, cold drinks and entrance will set you back a fortune plus it will be very busy.

So, if you want to enjoy the sunshine and keeping your budget intact, create your own day out in your garden, have a picnic, make your own tent and games, ice lollies and splash out of one of those £2 paddling pools from Asda.

Happy sunny days and happy budget

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