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Written by Kayleigh on June 7, 2018

Now we all know I love a good DIY project and my mum’s no exception, I think that’s where I get it from, but when you swap shopping for making and actually save yourself some money there’s nothing better.

My mum and I recently had a big clear out of all our wardrobes. We were ruthless. If it hadn’t seen the light of day in a year then in the bag it went. Between us we had around 12 bin bags.

It still amazes me where it all comes from. We took it to a little shop in town where you can weigh in clothing. You usually get £5 for every 10kg and we walked away with just under £30. It’s not a huge amount but it’s certainly better than it sitting in the wardrobe taking up space.

My mum wanted to buy a new item but being a talented lady and a fab seamstress, she decided to make something instead.

Off we went to Boyes to get fabric and since then she hasn’t stopped. She’s made a total of two dresses, four tops and two skirts from that £30. They are beautiful. She’s had so many comments and you wouldn’t know they are homemade.

It’s certainly saved her a lot of money and given her some fab new items for her wardrobe.

Obviously not everyone can do this to save themselves some money but it’s really easy to start.

There’s some really easy patterns out there for beginners and once you have a sewing machine there’s nothing stopping you having a go and seeing what you can make.

I’ve got patterns lined up for baby rompers, nappy and wet wipe pouches and a handy pushchair bar bag – mum’s going to be busy for a while!

You can find patterns, tutorials and even inspiration if you’re struggling, all for free on Pinterest.

I love this app and I’m always on it saving pins for projects to try. You can even print patterns off for free – normally you pay around £5-£10 for a pattern but just this morning I printed a baby romper pattern completely free.

I saved myself a few pennies there and it also only takes half a metre of fabric. My mum has plenty of off cuts, so it won’t cost me a penny to have made.

Sign up to Pinterest and see what tutorials you can find, give it a go and before you know it the sewing machine will be out.

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