29 Dec

Written by Lizzie on December 29, 2011

I’m not a big believer in the concept of the “New Years Resolution”. For me, it just adds a negative title to an otherwise good idea for change. The dread that I might break my resolution and let myself down is enough to put me off doing it at all, so instead I’ve got a well practiced method of making small, positive changes around the turn of the year, goals that are achievable without much work and without adding stress to my (already jam-packed) lifestyle.

So without further ado, these are the tweaks I intend to make in 2012:

  • Eat more veg – I find that pledging to eat more of something is a much better motivator than swearing to eat less! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s plan to drop meat for a year and see what can be done with the veg he grows in his garden is admirable, but perhaps still a little unrealistic for us weekly-trip-to-Tescos city dwellers. However, pick up his book Veg (try Waterstones or Amazon) in the January sales and get creative at dinner time. Try replacing two meat based meals each week with veg and diary based ones and see how you go, adding more or taking away as you see fit – you’ll not only be plying your body with more vitamins and therefore improving your general health and immunity to bugs, but you’ll also be helping to keep UK meat and fish supplies sustainable. Stock up on those sweet potatoes, freeze last night’s bolognese and go veg crazy!
  • Discover somewhere new! This has been a trusted resolution of mine for years. The option not to specify what you discover means it’s hard to fail this one. Even if you just sample a new coffee shop on your Saturday morning shopping trip, or you make a long overdue trip to see a friend who’s moved house, you’re still doing exactly what you pledged to do by discovering a part of the world that you didn’t know about in 2011. Set your sites high and save for a holiday to far off lands – like Bali or Las Vegas – or simply go for a walk in some neighbouring countryside you’ve always driven past before. There are many ways to keep things fresh and feel you’re moving forward rather than staying in one place, it doesn’t have to empty your purse!
  • Spend less, save more – surely this is easy right? Perhaps I’m preaching to the converted, but I think we can all benefit simply from using Promotionalcodes.org.uk a bit more! I always wonder why people promise to keep a tight grasp on their purse strings right when the shops are selling their best items for the cheapest prices. I’ve never been able to resist the January sales, so why feel bad? The simple answer is to be a more savvy shopper. Check out our merchant pages, Top 30 and blog for deals before you buy and you can shave pennies off regularly! Sign up for our newsletter via the box on the homepage and the savings will even come to you! Little effort, maximum benefit.

What are your 2012 tweaks? Hopefully they’ll have you laughing, staying cheery and running rings around your friends and co-workers as they struggle to keep their halo from slipping before February. Take a leaf out of my book and bin the resolution! Hurrah!

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