12 Jan

Written by Shem on January 12, 2012

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a Clinton’s Celebrity Fastcard … right?! Exactly! Clinton Cards have embodied all that is new and fabulous about the 21st century by offering their customers the chance to send celebrity greetings to their nearest and dearest. I mean who wouldn’t want David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff wishing them a happy birthday by video message! This is a new genius way to add a personal touch and also get brownie points for being unique. It will not just make the recipient chuckle out loud/cringe with embarrassment but also blush ever so slightly if the person wishing them good tidings is their favourite celeb… Frankie from The Saturdays perhaps?!

You can simply choose from hundreds of greetings from your fave personalities and purchase online so it can be received by email or grab a voucher in store. The greeting genres range from birthdays to simply ‘Thinking of you’ so these guys have you covered! It really is that simple! The cost of this fab gift is just a wee snippet at £3.99 and it has the added bonus of being interactive and funny as hell!

So bin off the boring cardboard greeting card and surprise someone you luuuurve with Jerry Springer congratulating them on their gender reassignment! Good stuff.

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