02 Mar

Written by Kristin on March 2, 2012

One of the biggest and most fun trends out there right now for spring/summer is the colored jean. I’ve seen them in everything from lipstick red to royal blue to pale yellow, and the good news is they’re much more wearable than you think.

I recently tried a pair of bright green skinny jeans on with a solid blue tunic and it looked fantastic, but if you’re a bit more conservative style-wise you don’t have to go all-out colour blocked; just keep it basic on the top with a black, white, grey or tan shirt. Right now the temperatures might be a bit chilly, but you can easily pair a neutral wool jumper with bright jeans and boots for a colourful way to ease you out of the winter blues. Come spring, simply switch out your jumper for a lightweight printed blouse (maybe a nice floral or trendy bird print) or a basic vest when summer’s temperatures get too warm. Cuffing your jeans and pairing them with sandals or flats is a really great spring look as well.

One of the most important fashion rules is not to spend loads of money on trends, and I have to say coloured jeans are one of those things that fall under the “go cheap” umbrella. Whilst normally I would advocate on investing in a high quality pair of jeans that will last you ages, there’s no need to spend £75 on a bright red pair you might wear for a season before they’re out of style.

That being said, I was thrilled when I spotted a massive deal on skinny coloured jeans from George at Asda. As an introductory promotion, you can score yourself a pair for just 10 quid in selected shades! They’ve got a nice range of sale colours such as bright blue, light blue, coral, pink and green. Even when the price goes up to regular retail on 8 March, they’re still only £14, so if you wear them a few times and find that you’d rather stick with the good old basic blues, at least you didn’t spend a fortune on a trend.

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