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Written by Lizzie on March 22, 2012

So, you have the games, you have the kitchen tips, so now what? Maybe you’re obsessed with updating your Facebook status? What if typical Wednesday night behavior is repeatedly checking to see if anyone’s retweeted that witty quip you made about #Masterchef? Now your online life can slide right in next to mundane ins and outs of your day. With these apps, you can do it all (and more) straight from your phone. Whether you’re on the bus, bored at work or simply looking for some lunchtime entertainment while you nom down your sandwich, these are our top picks so you can stay on top in the online world without making any IRL sacrifices.

Name: Twitter
Price: FREE
Idea: This may seem obvious, but there are so many computer and phone clients for Twitter now it’s difficult to know which one to pick. While special mentions must go to Osfoora (£1.49) and Echofon (Free), out of the clients I’ve used I really think the official Twitter app is the way to go. The layout is clean, easy to read and the “Discover” tab can lead to some interesting finds.

Name: Instagram
Price: FREE
Idea: This app is an absolute must for anyone keen on photography and keeping visual reminders of what they get up to. Instagram uses your iPhone camera to take a picture and then offers a whole range of filtered effects and tilts to enhance it. Post it to your profile and instantly share with other networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more. Users can follow and be followed by other users as well as comment on pictures and click to “Like” a photo. Check the “Popular” tab for new discoveries.

Name: Pinterest
Price: FREE
Idea: The official app for Pinterest, this app is an absolute dream to use. Take photos and upload them, browse boards and categories and repin and like as you would on the site. Beautifully presented and a great boredom killer, the Pinterest app is the perfect source of pretty in your pocket!

Name: LinkedIn
Price: FREE
Idea: LinkedIn is the place to share your CV and work experience online. This app is a very well organized way to connect with over 150 million members worldwide and keep up-to-date with industry news and trends. Browse profiles, share content and look for a job wherever you are.

Name: Foodspotting
Price: FREE
Idea: This app is a visual guide to finding great food in your area. The idea is that when you’re eating out, you take a snap of the dish you’re eating, upload it and tag it. Next time, when you’re looking for somewhere to eat, simply let the app know where you are and it will find you entries from other foodies in your area. Like a visual menu with reviews at your fingertips!

Name: Reeder
Price: £1.99
Idea: With wifi coverage and a small screen to contend with it can be hard to keep up with the blogs you subscribe to if you’re not at a computer. Reeder, widely viewed as the RSS Reader app with the clearest, prettiest interface, syncs with your subscriptions and allows you to read in a clear, legible format, wherever you are. If you do have signal you can share the posts you read on a number of different social platforms in one click. Browse unread posts or read by feeds and folders.

Name: Hootsuite
Price: FREE
Idea: If you are on too many social networks to count, you’re going to need something to help make managing them all easier. Hootsuite can manage multiple Twitter accounts plus Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more, all in one place. Not only that but if social media is how you earn your crust in life, you can keep an eye on lists and search streams, as well as using it to manage campaigns and track activity. Great for the media professional!

Name: 8Tracks
Price: FREE
Idea: If your iPhone can’t hold much music, or you’re simply sick of what you have, opening an 8Tracks account could open you up to lots of new material. Essentially a place for users to upload their own mix tapes (a minimum of 8 tracks please – get it?) you can browse for hours finding mixes tagged by mood, genre and much more. Share what you love and what you’re listening to with followers on other social networks. Unfortunately it is reliant on an internet connection, but if you think your 3G is up to it, give it a go – you might stumble on a new band or artist you really love!

Name: Flipboard
Price: FREE
Idea: Starting as an iPad app but having made the leap over to iPhone, Flipboard is possibly the most aesthetically pleasing way to view your blog subscriptions, Twitter timeline, Facebook feed and so much more. Collate your accounts into one feed in a magazine like layout and simply flip through them at your leisure, reading, sharing, commenting and interacting all from one place. Flipboard is gorgeous and definitely the classy way to manage your online activity.

Name: Hugmail
Price: FREE (but £1.49 per card)
Idea: So maybe not quite a social network, but still based around sharing, Hugmail is the tool you should use to stay in touch with all your internet phobic friends and family. Simply take a picture with your phone’s camera and Hugmail turns it in to real life postcard, attaches your message and sends it out in the post. This is the easy, geek friendly way to send Granny that pic of you next to the Christmas Tree or in front of the Taj Mahal. Just because she’s not on Twitter doesn’t mean she should miss out!

Go forth and get your app on!

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