22 May

Written by Shem on May 22, 2012

I can spend all day everyday just chilling in a bookstore soaking up the atmosphere. Whether that is just aimlessly walking around from genre to genre or having a coffee beavering away in the corner on my MacBook pretending to be an intellect, I love it all the same. One of my favourite book shops is in Bondi Beach, Australia called Gertrude and Alice.

It offers great food to compliment it’s quirky interior where books are just there to be consumed. There are no fancy modern Ikea looking furniture but clashing upholstery and at first glance resembles organised chaos. This offbeat store is only moments from the beach and a great venue to meet, tell stories, listen to music and enjoy Moroccan Lentil Stew! If you ever find yourself down under with a hankering for a great spot to browse the shelves for second hand books… G&A is ideal.

Have a wee look at the other cool bookstores across the globe I would love to visit…


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