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    Join a club

    If you find you’re always buying media from Jamster, you could make some massive savings by joining one of their clubs. When you join a club, you’ll receive one bill each month alongside a number of coupons which you can use to redeem your preferred type of media at a much cheaper cost than normal.

    For £4.50 each week you get: six tracks from the music club, or three ringtones/video ringtones/real tones/fun sounds with the tone club, or three games with the action club, or ten images/animations with the visual club.

    Whichever club you choose to join, you’ll definitely get a better price per download than you would have if you’d continued to download the same items individually. However, these clubs will only save you money if you really would download 3-10 pieces of content on a weekly basis and paid full price for them.

    If you’re not happy with the club you’re in, you can cancel your membership whenever you want by texting ‘stop’ to 88 888. If you’re part of several clubs, you’ll need to text ‘stop all’ to the same number to cancel all your memberships. Remember that if you cancel a subscription without using up all your coupons, they’ll disappear and you won’t get a refund, so best use them up first.

    Try before you buy games

    There’s nothing worse than paying to download a game only to find out that you hate it and delete it straight away. Thankfully, with Jamster’s try before you buy games, this never happens. Whenever you see a game labelled as ‘try before you buy’, this means you can download it and play it once without having to pay for it. However, if you check the small print, you’ll see that you do have to pay the download costs, so keep this in mind.

    If you didn’t like the game and don’t want to download it, simply delete it – you won’t be charged anything extra. But if you did like the game, you can purchase it from the screen which appears after you’ve played it for the first time.
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