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The opinions of consumers are incredibly important. The direction big brands take their products and services are often shaped by the needs and desires of their customers. This is the reason they are so keen to connect with the public - they need consumers' valuable input. Lightspeed is dedicated to ensuring that consumers are rewarded for providing their opinions to big companies. In exchange for users spending their valuable time on taking consumer surveys, Lightspeed arranges for them to receive a variety of different products or payment options. The way this works is very simple. Membership is always free, and participants just need to fill out the online registration form. As soon as registration is complete, members can immediately begin to earn points by taking surveys. Accessing these surveys is easy, too -- they can be completed via PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Whether members are relaxing in the comfort of their own home or on the morning train commute to work, they can take surveys and earn points. Once points have been accumulated, users can start exchanging their points for a variety of rewards listed in Lightspeed's reward catalog. Rewards include gift cards, vouchers, and e-certificates, among others. Many members choose to redeem their rewards from top brands like Amazon, Homebase, and Debenhams. Payments can also be received through Paypal. With more than £20 million of rewards paid to members in 2014, there's no reason to hesitate in joining Lightspeed. Take surveys, earn points, get rewarded - it's exactly that simple. » more

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Low pay out threshold

Some survey websites have such high pay out thresholds that you’ll be doing surveys for months on end before you see a penny of the money you’ve earned. This isn’t the case with MySurvey – their pay out threshold is just £3, that’s 345 points. Each survey on average pays out 100 points, so you only need to complete a minimum of four surveys before you’ll be able to withdraw your cash. Better yet – whilst some survey websites only pay out in high street or online vouchers, MySurvey lets you withdraw your money in cold hard cash via PayPal.

What to do if you don’t get your reward points

When you look at the MySurvey Facebook page, you can see a fair few people complaining about not receiving their reward points after taking a survey. If this happens to you, give it at least two months before you start worrying. Reward points aren’t issued until the project ends and this can be anywhere from one week to two months. If you’re still pointless two months after taking the survey, send an email to [email protected] with ‘Help’ and the project number in the subject line.
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