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Finding the right deal for your car insurance can be a pain, whether you just can’t find the time to find a better deal or you’re not quite sure where to start. Swinton Car Insurance is cheap and simple. Their experience spans 50 years in the insurance industry so you can rely on them to find quality car insurance from across the UK’s best providers for a price you’ll love. When you get a quote from Swinton you’ll also enjoy up to 25% discount when you buy online, which makes for an even better deal when you add in one of our promotional discount codes. As well as this Swinton also provide a free courtesy car and up to 65% no claims discount. Don’t compromise on quality cover, Swinton take the time consuming search out of your hands and ensure you get affordable quality insurance. Choose from 5 different breakdown cover options os you’ll never get caught out. Swinton also offer great options for young drivers too with getting a quote easier than ever, Swinton are there to do the hard work for you. » more

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How to use Swinton Motor Insurance Promotional Codes

  1. Visit the Swinton website for your motor insurance needs

    Though Swinton insurance specializes in affordable motor insurance, you can also get low prices for a variety of other insurance needs. Whether you are looking for a policy for your car, van, motorcycle, business, home or even travel and life insurance, you will find what you are looking for at

  2. Make your selection on the Swinton homepage

    When you visit the Swinton insurance homepage, you will find everything you need to get a quote for the type of policy you need. Simply click on the category you want on the top or left side of the page to get started on a personalized quote.

  3. Learn more about the insurance coverage you need

    Once you make a selection of a particular type of insurance, you will be directed to a page that describes available coverage options so you can select those that fit your individual needs. Click on "Quote" to continue.

  4. Enter your specific information

    On the "About You" page, you will find an online form to enter all of your personal information as well as details about your home, car or other item you wish to insure. Proceed down the page by typing in the requested details.

  5. Retrieve your Swinton promo code

    Open another webpage to visit to get your money-saving promotional code for your Swinton insurance quote. Return to the Swinton website.

  6. Apply your promotional code to your quote

    At the bottom on the "About You" page, enter your promotional code in the box provided and click on "Next Step" to apply it to you quote.

  7. Purchase your policy

    Once you receive your quote, follow the prompts to purchase your policy.

Swinton Motor Insurance Customer Reviews

Can't beat 40 quid in your pocket

Very happy with my new policy from Swinton. I was looking for a cheaper car insurance company and did loads of research, as well as asking round the office. A few of my colleagues used Swinton and said they paid lower than the others. Once I went on the site I was really impressed with the details of their coverage, and they definitely had some bonus points for me such as a free courtesy car. The online quote was nice and quick to fill out, and I used the code available for £40 cash back when you buy a policy, so that was brilliant. Thanks Swinton!

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You won’t find any money saving deals or special offers on the Swinton Car Insurance website – they’re all reserved for the newsletter, so sign up! When you subscribe, you’ll receive regular emails from the insurance provider with financial advice, general hints and tips for everyday life, news about new products and offers which could save you some serious cash. The newsletter is totally free to sign up for and you can opt out of the mailing list at any time, so you’ve got nothing to lose by signing up.

Short Term Car Insurance

If you need car insurance for just a few days or weeks, it will work out much cheaper to take out a short term car insurance policy with Swinton, instead of a complete annual policy. Temporary policies can be taken out for 1-28 days and won’t affect your no claims bonus at all.
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