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Emergencies can make it tough to make ends meet, so it's vital to know that there's a quick, easy and flexible way to ease the financial stress with a short-term cash loan from Wonga.The company is a leader in innovative payday lending and its approach is simple, structured and fair. The user-friendly website is designed to outline precisely the Wonga journey from application to repayment. Committed to responsible lending, Wonga carefully assesses each application, and the automatic repayment system means there are no difficult forms to fill in. On approval, the money is sent within five minutes, and because loans can be paid back early without penalty, it's possible to reduce the amount of interest payable. New customers can borrow up to £400 while existing customers can take advantage of a generous £1,000 ceiling, depending on their personal application limit. While borrowing can incur risk, Wonga works transparently and actively to guide its customers towards making the right decision. Should any difficulties arise, its understanding customer service team will work with clients to resolve all issues. With no hidden charges, and a transparent, fuss-free process, Wonga, is the market leader for short-term financial help. » more

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Additional Funds

If your situation changes and you suddenly realise that the Wonga loan you took out simply isn’t enough, you can request additional funds instead of taking out a second loan. Only selected people who fit the credit requirements are eligible for additional funds and if that’s you, you’ll see a ‘request additional credit’ feature in your account settings. If your request is accepted, the additional funds will be paid into the same back account as your original loan and the money will be added to your current outstanding balance.

Repay Early

Whenever you have the option to repay your Wonga loan back early, you definitely should. When you pay back your loan earlier than agreed, you won’t have to pay any hidden fees, your Wonga trust rating might improve and you’ll save money on interest, since you’ll only be charged interest for the days that you’ve actually had the money.

Pay Back in Full on Time

If paying your loan back early isn’t an option, it’s important that you pay back in full on time, at the very least. Before you take out a loan with Wonga, make sure you’re 100% confident that you will be able to pay back all the money within the time agreed. If you don’t make full payment by the date on the contract, you’ll be charged a missed payment fee of £15 after a three-day grace period and the representative 1,509% APR will continue adding up. Not only that, but your late or none payment will be reported to the credit reference agencies which may affect your credit rating, your ability to get loans from Wonga and other lenders in the future and it might even make getting credit more expensive for you next time.

If You Can’t Repay in Time

As soon as you discover that you can’t repay your Wonga loan by the agreed date, you need to get in touch with the company ASAP and tell them. They will work with you and try to come to a new and more realistic repayment agreement. They might even freeze the interest rates from the date you work something out. If you keep quiet and don’t let them know, the debt will just carry on building up until you’re in way over your head.
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